Melissa A. Peralta (xxmelissaannxx) wrote in burytheirbodies,
Melissa A. Peralta

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Name: Melissa A. Peralta
Age: 15
Location: Brockton/Hull, Ma
Musical Taste (include bands): Every Time I Die, Deathcab for Cutie, Brand New, Blood for Blood, On Broken Wings, etc.
Favorite Movies: American Beauty, Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, The Breakfast Club
Favorite Halo Level: the one with the little yellow things?


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does anyone want to tell me why this is becomming a "friends of chris and brendan" community? i'm going to start saying no to in-staters i think.
It seems more like a girls that have hooked up w/ and/or are friends w/ Brendan or Chris community.
There should be more guys...
hopefully there will be, if every single person we know doesn't apply. i'm going to have to start saying no just because i'm afraid that's going to happen. aside from that, we really don't have any advertised basis for this community. it's just something where people with no general simmilarites between them get voted in.
who am i kidding, YES
Sure why not