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Incase there are any questions about the road to acception into this community, Sensei Chris words it best:
...which means me and brendan can accept or reject anyone we want based on any criteria we want. thanks you saying that though, i hope this response clarify's it for everyone else.

if we don't like you haircut: rejected
if we don't like your journal layout: rejected
if we don't like your favorite halo level: rejected

no SPECIFIC criteria is also something to point out. that means anything we want."

Once you are accepted, you are obligated to vote on each new entry. If you don't then we will ban you. A majority vote does not nesicarilly get you in. The decision is solely up to Chris and myself.

If you are accepted you will be stamped with:
nice ass
If you are rejected you will be stamped with:
suck me

Brendan: fistyourself
Chris: teenagegoodbyes
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